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All Registered Dispensing Opticians and Contact Lens Fitters (practicing and non-practicing) are required to complete the mandatory continuing education (MCE) requirements set out by the College of Opticians of BC.


 MCE Cycle
  • 3 year cycle (eg: Jan 1, 2010 to Dec 31, 2012)

 Total required credits over 3 years
  • Dispensing Optician = 21
  • Contact Lens Fitter = 36

 MCE Category
  • Dispensing Optician = 12 EG minimum
  • Contact Lens Fitter = 12 EG and 15 CL minimum

 MCE Activity Source
  • 2/3 = Professional provider
  • 1/3 = any other provider

Carryover Limit 
  • Dispensing Optician = 7 credits
  • Contact Lens Fitter = 12 credits

Each registrant is assigned to a continuing education cycle based on the year in which they were first registered as a Licensed Optician. Each cycle is 3 years in length beginning January 1st and all CE credits are due on December 31st of the third year.

Dispensing Opticians - 21 credits over an assigned 3 year cycle (maximum 7 carry over credits may be advanced to the next cycle).

Contact Lens Fitters - 36 credits over an assigned 3 year cycle (maximum 12 carry over credits may be advanced to the next cycle).

Non-practicing Registrants - require the same number of credits over an assigned 3 year cycle as practicing registrants.

Reinstated Registrants - required to fulfill MCE requirements for every MCE cycle missed while their registration was suspended before returning to registered status. All reinstated Licensed Opticians are placed back into their original three-year cycle, regardless of how long their certificate of registration was suspended.

CE courses and activities are categorized into four distinct areas of Opticianry:

1) Dispensing Practice (EG)
2) Contact Lens Practice (CL)
3) Personal Advancement - Related Fields (RF)
4) Both Dispensing and Contact Lens Practice (EC)

NOTE: EC credits can be used towards both your EG and CL requirements

Dispensing Opticians - require minimum of 12 EG credits
Contact Lens Fitters - require minimum of 12 EG credits and 15 CL credits

There are 2 categories of continuing education providers:

1) Professional providers (2/3 credits)

The role of the professional provider is to ensure that all registrants have access their CE courses and activities, and that their Continuing Education is specific and relevant to Opticianry issues and developments. The COBC requires all registrants to obtain at least 2/3 of their CE credits through CE courses and activities by professional providers.

The professional providers are:
  • All Canadian educational institutions with accredited Licensed Optician programs
  • Canadian provincial/national Licensed Opticians associations 
  • Approved study clubs 
  • Recognized Canadian provincial Opticianry organizations
2) Other providers (1/3 credits)

Registrants can complete a maximum of 1/3 of their CE credit requirements through other providers:
  • Private training
  • Industry corporations
  • Allied professions
2/3 of your MCE credits must come from a professional provider and the other 1/3 can come from any other MCE provider.

Should you have any questions about your MCE cycle requirements, please contact the College office at (604) 278-7510 or email reception@cobc.ca.
COBC Board Meeting
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February 05, 2017 |
Check out our Twitter page for live tweets and a live stream of our Board Meeting.
Board Meeting Announcement: Sunday February 5, 2017
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January 26, 2017 | COBC Staff
The COBC's board meeting will be held on Sunday, February 5, 2017 from 10am-5 pm.
Meeting: Board Meeting When: Sunday, February 5, 2017 from 10am-5pm Where: Online - live streaming through Periscope (app); link will be announced through social media and in the announcements section of the website. In-person: You may attend the board meeting in-person if you RSVP to mtrusolino@cobc.ca by January 31, 2017. The in-person meeting will be at the new office at 2855 Arbutus Street. In-person spots are limited. Please follow us on social media for further announcements. https://twitter.com/CO_BritishC https://www.facebook.com/CollegeofOpticiansBC

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