Continuing Competency Program (CCP)

The CCP is one of several quality assurance initiatives we've designed to promote quality practice for the public's protection and to maintain their trust in BC opticians. 

We've developed the new CCP to provide opticians with the data they'll need to better focus on their professional progress. It will also provide them with the tools needed to help them plan their growth through learning goals. 

Starting in 2018, opticians starting a new cycle will begin on this new program. Opticians will no longer be required to meet credit requirements. Instead, the new CCP will help opticians continue to be competent professionals by:
 Finding out which competencies opticians are exemplary in, are moderate in, or require development in. 
 Creating a development learning plan to focus an optician's professional development.
 Providing the opportunity for professional growth reflection.  

This program will help assure the public that their opticians are staying competent throughout their career. The process is broken down into 4 steps:

1. Continuing Competency Assessment 

At the start of each continuing competency cycle, opticians will complete an online assessment based on the 3rd edition of the National Competencies for Canadian Opticians. The online assessment generates a competency profile that highlights an optician's strong competencies and areas for development. This competency profile will help opticians identify what they need to work on and help direct opticians to the appropriate activities to plan their professional growth in those areas. 

2. Develop Learning Goals with Plans

Opticians are encouraged to work on at least 2 learning goals annually based on their competencies that need development. These goals should be SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely), and provide focus and direction for opticians throughout their cycle. Opticians will plan out which activities to participate in to achieve their learning goals and develop their competency. 

3. Achieving Learning Goals

Opticians will then follow through with their plan to achieve the goals they set out to achieve. Completing the activities as planned will determine whether the desired learning has been accomplished. Opticians will make their own choices and decisions regarding these activities, and what it might take to learn what they set out to, and how to put it into practice.

4. Reflection

After completing their action plan, opticians will then reflect on how these activities helped to develop their skills and improve their practice. This step will allow opticians to think deeply about what they learned, or perhaps what they need to learn further, and how they might get there. A total of 6 goals will need to be completed by the end of the cycle.

Opticians will be able to manage their continuing competency online through their registrant profile, including their assessment and their full learning plan, to track their progress and submit when completed. 

Starting in 2018, the first group of opticians changed over to the new CCP, and by 2020, the program was fully implemented for all. 

For more information, including a full program guide and list of frequently asked questions, please access our Guides & Tools page. For more information on using study clubs within the new program, click here.

Optician Online CCP Login:

Opticians can login to their online profiles to work on their Continuing Competency Program by clicking on the "Opticians Login" button at the top right corner of the screen. 

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